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After shutting down the service for several months for many reasons, we can say that from JULY 2022 WE ARE BACK and ON FIRE!

In fact, the return started 2 months ago +/- analyzing results and now that previous work is showing nice results.

It's just the 5th of July and there is a long way ahead, but so far our PRO Tips has a 90% winning rate with only 2 picks lost and 18 WON from 20.

Our PRO Acca is 6pts up and the SUPER ACCA 9pts up! Our Super Tips are healthy as well with 5 wins and only 1 bet lost, summing up more than 2.5pts!

Finally our FREE Tips is gaining confidence and now closes with a winning rate of 70% and the FREE ACCA with only 1 bet lost and 3 won in a row!


Our service has several betting styles (Super Tips, Super Acca, PRO Acca, PRO Tips). Is up to you with style fits with you or if you decide to use some of our research to combine with yours.

Remember that this is a game and nothing is GUARANTEE here. Use your money wisely, do not spend more than you can afford. Use a bank system to distribute your money and you always have to anticipate a run of bad days.

Good luck to everyone and enjoy football!


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